Workshop – The ESS project opportunity for italian research

16th November 2010 – Neutrons can see inside the material: they penetrate deep into matter, and reveal “where atoms are and what atoms do”. Neutron probe has enormous and positive consequences for science and society, enabling scientist of all disciplines to investigate materials in situ, in vivo, in real time and for real life applications.

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Workshop – High energy neutrons for science and society

5th – 6th October 2010.   This is the V edition of a series of workshops addressing the PERSPECTIVES IN NEUTRON SPECTROSCOPY AT HIGH ENERGIES and follows the I and II editions held at Cosener House in May 1995 and October 1998, the III edition held in Santa Fe (New Mexico, US) in April 2005, and the IV edition held in Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2006.

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Workshop – Imaging and life sciences applications of new light sources

26th March 2010 – Organized by the Italian Embassy in London in cooperation with CNR and INFN in Italy, and with the STFC and Diamond Light Source in the United Kingdom, the workshop aims to discuss the possible biological and biomedical uses of the new light sources that are under construction or being considered for construction in Italy, in the UK and in Europe.

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