The contribution for participating is 720 EURO. This includes full board and lodging for 6 nights from 12/07/2020 (dinner) – 18/07/2020 (lunch) and transport from and to the local airports.

The school is supported by the ENEN PLUS mobility funds. A maximum of 15 selected participants is foreseen. Each elected participant will be entitled to a lump sum of 1100 EURO to cover travel and lodging expenses.

Important dates

Application deadline:             30 April 2020

Registration deadline:            31 May 2020

Submission presentation:      30 June 2020

Important dates for ENENPLUS support

Deadline for applications:      31 March 2020

Selection of applications:      10 April 2020

Decision announcement:       13 April 2020

Eligibility of ENEN PLUS support:

  • PhD students and early-stage researchers who request cross border mobility support
  • PhD students and early-stage researchers who are active or seeking a career in the 4 ENEN+ nuclear fields (nuclear engineering, nuclear waste management, radiation protection, medical physics)
  • PhD students and early-stage researchers will be selected according to the Summer School selection rules and criteria

Eligible applicants for the financial support provided by the ENEN PLUS project are, in correspondence with the ENEN PLUS Mobility Rules [1], persons performing a transnational mobility action:

  • citizens of any EU member country willing to travel abroad (to another EU country or anywhere else), or
  • citizens of countries, which are not members of EU pursuing studies in an EU member country and having an already established relationship with the receiving institution.

[1] Mobility manual, ENEN PLUS PROJECT, Grant Agreement Number 755576 (

Qualification for application

Applicants should be either PhD students or early-stage researchers, who completed their PhD studies after 1/07/2017. The applicant must submit an abstract that describes the work that will be presented at the school and a motivation letter for his/her participation to the school.

The criteria for the selection of the participants will be based on:

  • the quality of the abstract and the research work presented in the abstract,
  • the achievements made during the last three years,
  • the motivation to attend the school.

All applicants are handled equally regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, language, religion etc.

Application procedure

Send the application form (link to Annex) detailing the following information:

  • contact details of the student,
  • status of the PhD study for PhD students or early researchers,
  • motivation to attend the school,
  • scientific CV and publication list,
  • two-page abstract of the present research work.

The application should be sent by e-mail to, before the deadline of application, which is 31 March 2020.

The members of the Selection Committee are:

  • Peter Schillebeeckx (EC-JRC Geel) CHAIR
  • Giulia Festa (Centro Fermi, Rome, Italy)
  • Gabriel Pavel (ENEN)
  • Frank Gunsing (CEA Saclay, France)
  • Danas Ridikas (IAEA, Vienna)