Directors of 3rd Course: Roberto Car (Princeton University) and Francesco Mallamace (University of Messina)

Liquid water is ubiquitous in environment, biology and engineered systems. This workshop will bring together experimental and theoretical experts working on both liquid water and water systems. Sessions will also include talks by experts discussing implications on chemical physics of water.

School Objectives

  • Educate graduate students, early-career scientists to physical chemistry of water
  • Foster interactions between students, research centres and university groups

Course Objectives

Water plays a key role in chemistry, biology, geology and environmental sciences. However, in spite of decades of intense research, the microscopic mechanisms that are behind its unusual structural and dynamical properties giveing rise to its rich phase diagram are far from being well understood. The study of water and its solutions from a molecular perspective is at the intersection of physics, chemistry, biology and materials science. It requires sophisticated experimental methods and advanced techniques of statistical physics. The course will consist of lectures and specialized seminars by leading experts, which are oriented to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and junior scientists working at universities and research institutions. It will provide a broad overview of the field, including the most recent ideas in theory and experiments, as well as a critical discussion of the problems that are currently attracting the attention of the researchers. By gathering participants with different specialized backgrounds, the course also aims at cross-fertilization of ideas that could advance the state of the field.

Target Audience: The School is ideally suited to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career students who are interested in condensed matter and in complex systems projects in the near future.