Registration and fees

To register you will need to fill out the online registration form (registration closed), submit a ‘personal statement’ and a ‘statement from your supervisor’. Registered students will receive feedback of the selection starting from end of January onwards and before April 2nd 2014. Once accepted you will need to fill out the travel_form, travel form to be returned to and copy to

Application Deadline: April 1st 2014

School fees include the cost of lodging during the school, breakfast, evening meal, teaching materials. There are 25 residential places available.

Fee. You are kindly requested to pay the all- inclusive fee of 900 € per participant plus 100 Euro per day for each accompanying person (if any), by bank transfer to the account of the School Of Neutron Scattering “Francesco Paolo Ricci”. The participation fee is unbreakable, independently of the number of days you stay at the Conference, whereas the accompanying persons are charged on a daily basis. Please, do not forget to bring with you a copy of the bank receipt proving the payment. You will receive the receipt from the school secretariat. In case you have difficulties to perform the payment in this way, please inform the School Scientific Secretariat for instructions.

Payment should be made:

By bank transfer to: School Of Neutron Scattering “Francesco Paolo Ricci” (Account name)
BANK NAME: BANCA UNICREDIT Agenzia ROMA II Universita’ Tor Vergata (30075)
IBAN: IT83R0200805168000101604596

Online Payment via PayPal