Application of atomic and nuclear techniques for Conservation, Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Organizers: C. Andreani ( University of Rome Tor Vergata), G. Gorini and M. Matini ( University of Milano – Bicocca), A. Granelli ( University of Rome “La Sapienza” & LUISS), V.Coda Nunziante ( CNR, Rome)

24th September

The purpose of the symposium was to  symposium was to discuss and explore the current and potential applications of synchroton scince to problem in archaelogy and art conservation, bringing together key members of the neutron and synchrotron community and experts in the disciplines of Archaeology, Archeological Science, Art Conservation and Material Science.

Speakers reported their latest research accomplishments, highlight ongoing projects, and catalyse new interactions between these fields. The was to help identify problems in European Archeology that can benefit from the application of atomic and nuclear techniques. A series of 15 minutes presentations covering a wide spectrum of techniques used in the field of Conservation, Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage solicited the interest of the audience for almost four hours.