Further Information

General information. After registration you should carefully read: (1) the material in the folder concerning the regulations of the EMCSC, meals, the location of restaurants working for EMCSC, etc.; (2) the specific information about your course posted in the entrance hall of San Rocco (location and starting time of lectures, program, social events, etc.).

Banking. A bank service (Banco di Sicilia) is available for cash, money transfer and exchange operations, at two-minute walk from EMCSC (please, show your EMCSC badge at the bank counter to avoid bureaucracy).

Smoking is forbidden inside all the facilities of the EMCSC (San Rocco, San Domenico, San Francesco), including rooms. Restaurants in Erice are all no-smoking.

Dress. Erice is at about 800 m above sea level, on top of a mountain next to the sea. Even in Summer evenings in Erice may be chill and, occasionally, foggy or/and windy. Do not forget to bring a good pull-over. Lecture rooms are inside old buildings and are agreeably fresh. On the other hand temperature at the archeological sites as well as at the beach can be blistering hot. Take all possible precaution: light stuff, good jogging shoes (to walk on the stones of the archeological sites as well as on the rough pavement of Erice streets), swimming suite (beach towels are provided by the EMCSC), sun-glasses, a good hat, etc. No formal dress is requested in any event, banquet included.

EMCSC Personnel. The EMCSC relies on a local staff, reduced in number but very efficient, ready to solve all difficult problems that may arise (travel ticket & reservation changes, PC facilities, visa, medical care, police, etc.). For all technicalities concerning the course (travel grants, posters, transparencies, etc.) refer directly to the Workshop Secretary.

CM vs. EMCSC. The EMCSC is not a village of Club Mediterraneé®. Besides planning one excursion to the archeological sites, a reasonably long break is scheduled between morning and afternoon sessions to allow for contacts and discussions in the inspiring environment of Erice. The School discourages trips to the beach during the full working days and it should not be requested to organize excursions besides the planned ones. The success of the School relies on the full attendance of ALL participants to ALL sessions.

Social Programme: Visit to Segesta archaeological site